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Welcome to our class page - we hope you enjoy looking through the things that we do in school and that you come back regularly to see what new things have been added!


Check out some of the websites below and have lots of fun while you learn!

The Royal Wedding Fantastic Friday

Welcome Back!

It's hard to believe that the Summer Term has arrived already, even if the weather has still seemed to be clinging on to winter... We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break.  It's been a privilege to see your activities on Tapestry - thank you for all the efforts that have been made and we will make the most of them as talking points during our first week back.  Thank you also to all those who have made the most of the writing activities sent home - it's super to see so many children willing and keen to write at home as well as school.


We are all ready to start our new farming topic - new role play areas are waiting to be explored and used!  During the first week back we will be exploring what children already know about farms, discussing what healthy foods can come from farms and then focussing on animals which are often found there.  These areas will be used as a base for writing mini-information texts, reading true or false sentences and for creating posters to show healthy foods.  In Maths we will be counting in 1s, 2s (and 5s for some) and be using these skills to add money amounts together to pay for farm items.  Children will also be offered the opportunity to paint their favourite farm animals, carefully mixing colours to achieve the ones they need for their picture.




Watch this space and Tapestry for photos during the coming weeks :-)

Welcome back - we hope everyone had a good half term.  It's always lovely to hear the children eager to talk about what they have been doing during their time away from school.  Thank you for your Tapestry entries - we really appreciate being able to build up a more complete picture of the children.


We have already made a good start on our new DINOSAUR topic - the children have enjoyed the new role play areas today ( a dinosaur laboratory and a dinosaur hospital!) and we are looking forward to learning lots more dino facts over the coming weeks.


As a school, we are also celebrating World Book Day this Thursday, and are adding reading adventures into each day of the week, including swapping teachers and classes to read favourite books, and also having the older children in the school read to the younger ones.  Today we were visited by the Year 6 classes who came down and read to children from Chicks and Ducklings.  It was lovely to see both age groups thoroughly enjoy the reading session - we hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures of this below.



Here are a few pictures from the second week of our winter topic.  We've watched The Snowman and used it as a base to write sentences and re-tell the story - you can see us putting images from the film in the correct order to help us write about it.  We've also been busy ordering numbers and learning to recognise all numbers to 20 and beyond.  Everyone has enjoyed learning about freezing and melting - especially making ice lollies and eating them the next morning!  We have painted snowmen pictures and done some independent writing about what makes us happy and sad.  There have also been snowflake outlines which we've used to trace over to strengthen hands and help encourage good pencil grips.  The role play areas have also been in constant use - we've got an igloo and fishing pond as well as Elsa's Ice Castle - both have been very popular! We hope you enjoy seeing some photos of us all at work :-)

Happy New Year and welcome back to school.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the Christmas break and that the children are all keen to return to school and are especially ready for some new and exciting learning.


We will spend the first three weeks of the Spring Term learning about the season of Winter. To begin with we will be looking at one more and one less in Maths. And in literacy we will be reading a winter poem and finding the rhyming words.


We will begin our swimming sessions this term. Chicks’ class are to go first for 5 weeks beginning on Wednesday 17th January. Ducklings’ class will follow for their 5 weeks beginning on Wednesday 28th February.


Forest School continues on Thursday afternoons, Group 2 will begin their sessions on Thursday 11th January. We still owe one session and will let you know in the coming weeks when the extra session will be.



Sorry we have been so quiet on here lately - we've been getting to grips with using Tapestry and concentrating our efforts on uploading experiences and work there, so here has been a little neglected.  We hope you are enjoying seeing what your children have been getting up to at school through Tapestry, and thank you for engaging with it so well.  It's wonderful to be able to start dialogues with you about where your children are and where they can aim to get to next.  Thank you!!


We have now completed our Autumn topic and will be moving full steam towards Christmas!  We have been very busy practising for the school production and the children are learning our song really well.  There's a sound clip below if they want to have a go at home too.  Thank you for all your support with finding costumes - it should be a great experience for all the children and an emotional one for parents!


As ever, if you have any questions, worries or concerns, please either use the pink homelink books or speak to an adult at the door.  Mornings can be a very busy time, but we will always try to set aside time needed at the end of the day, or by ringing you if needed.



This is our song for the school production - Children of the World. The children are doing a fantastic job of learning it so far! We hope you will enjoy seeing them in their full beauty on the stage in a few weeks.

Week 7


Thank you for all the wonderful Light It Up pictures that have been sent in for homework - it's great to see so much creativity coming from home and they all look fabulous on our displays. 


We are having a good week learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali and have been creating Mehndi hand patterns, performing a Diwali dance, making Rangoli patterns in sand and on paper plates, acting out the story of Rama and Sita (including Ravana, the ten headed monster!) and trying hard to write Diwali cards to people we care about.  We have also carried on working on number recognition and ordering.  We hope your children can talk about some of these things and experiences with you at home.


Here is a selection of the homework pictures for you to enjoy :-)


Light It Up! Homework pictures

Week 6 – time flies!

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly at half term – the weeks have been flying by! We are now in the final week of our Build It! Topic and we have enjoyed learning about different types of houses and homes, as well as reading and watching different versions of The Three Little Pigs. We have compared the similarities and differences as well as looking at goodies and baddies in this story and in others, and have used every opportunity possible to practise reading and blending and writing the new sounds we have learnt. There have been lots of opportunities to physically build using different equipment, and we have also made Cheerio towers very gently, threading each one onto spaghetti carefully to make sure it didn’t break! In Maths we have been counting, ordering and discussing size and length. We’ve also been computer programmers using Beebots, and have been mini builders using a remote control digger…It’s been a busy few weeks!

Thank you for all the Home Learning Stories which have been sent in. We loved last week’s CAMPING Friday, inspired by Eric and Archie. There were some stunning fire pictures created and a great deal of rich language used as the children acted out their camping experiences. This Friday we are celebrating the stories of Dougie and Zac and are all becoming dinosaur experts for the day! We even have bones to dig up and try to create a skeleton from! We hope the children will come home bubbling with what they have been doing. The final Friday of the half term will be a Halloween day, and a letter has already been sent home about this.

It has been wonderful to have so many people uploading things done at home onto Tapestry – we have tried to put a range of activities on their to share with you and really appreciate the comments you have made on them. If you have struggled to activate your account, please get in touch with us. We will try to hold a drop in after school when we can check we have your email address correct and re-activate any links which haven’t worked.

Below there are a few pictures from this week – if you can’t see your child, have a look on Tapestry instead!


Week 2


We have made a great start to our Nursery Rhyme topic – please have a look through some photos of us all doing some of the activities. We have ordered fish while singing 1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive, painted fish to go on our displays, run to numbers on the playground as we’ve heard them in the song and made good use of our role play areas.

It’s been a busy week, so we expect children will be feeling tired as they soak up new information and get used to the rules and routines of school. We have all been trying hard to put our own coats on this week – quite a few children have found this tricky, and any extra encouragement you can give them to do this at home would be appreciated!

This Friday (18th September), our Learning Story Star will be Zak who has given us the wonderful topic of Scooby Doo! Thank you Zak – we are really looking forward to celebrating your Home Learning Story on Friday!

Fun with the parachute!

Week 2 – Nursery Rhymes and Fantastic Friday!

What a brilliant first week we have had together – everyone deserves to feel proud of how well they have started school. We could not be more proud of all our children for their first week.

We will gradually now start introducing more activities and ‘lessons’ into each day and begin to build the structure of how our time is spent in Reception. This week will see us investigating nursery rhymes together and beginning to complete small learning tasks connected with them. Most of these activities will seem like playing to the children and we hope they will have great deal of fun.

We will also be starting our Fantastic Fridays this week, and have a day based on a Home Learning Story. This week we are celebrating Thomas’s story and will be having a day centred around building and creating things. During the introduction we will be seeing how much we already know about building sites, building tools, and also discussing who can be a builder. This week we are including a copy of the original learning story here, as well as a copy of how we used it to plan the day. We hope you find it useful. We will try to take lots of pictures during this week and display some on here (this is dependent on permission slip replies of course).



Thank you Thomas for your inspiration!

Thank you Thomas for your inspiration! 1

Our PE lessons will take place on Friday afternoons.  We will share hall time so each class will have a lesson fortnightly, and children will come home wearing their kits.  Please send them back in on Monday mornings as there may be other times in the week when we have an opportunity for extra sports activities.  It really helps if children have ALL kits items clearly labelled, including pumps, shoes and socks, as it is very easy for items to go astray, especially when so many are identical or very similar.  Please also encourage your child to be independent in dressing and undressing themselves.  Jumpers are often a struggle, as well as socks and shoes.  We will be on hand to help where needed though!


Thank you for your help - we hope the children love their PE lessons! smiley





Hope you all had a wonderful Summer holidays and are looking forward to starting school! 


As we are settling the children into school, our first week will not be a ‘normal’ school week. 

We will spend this week getting to know each and every child, encouraging them to build friendships and to feel happy about coming into school.  This week, we will do a lot of C.I.P (Child Initiated Play) to settle the children in and slowly begin to introduce new school experiences and routines to them each day.


The following week we will begin to introduce some activities linked to the topic of, 'Nursery Rhymes.'  Keep checking out our website as we will regularly add photos and information about the things we are doing in Early Years.


We look forward to getting to know you all and having lots and lots of fun and learning!