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HAWKS - Years 4 & 5

The children worked in groups to walk and measure out 1 km so they can visualise how far a kilometre is and discussed how many 10m and 100m groups there were in 100m and 1 km.

They also filled 10ml syringes with water and then used these to fill a 100ml container and then used this to fill a 1 litre container to recognise how many 10ml and 100ml groups there are in 100ml and 1 litre.

Someone has been practising their 'Dele Alli' celebration too.smiley

While discussing the school value of 'being responsible' the children were learning that to act responsibly, they need to think responsibly. Thinking takes place in the brain so they all had a go at drawing what they think their brain looks like. They will be learning more about the brain later this half term.

This week the children worked together to create a fruit solar system, using fruit to represent the planets and toilet roll to represent the distance between the planets. Just for reference, each square of toilet paper represents 16 million miles.


Earth and Mars are tomatoes



Jupiter was a watermelon



An apple was Uranus (the children enjoyed this planet the most for some reason)



the fruit planets of the solar system

Early on this term we have been stressing the importance of children working together in a team. This team building activity proved that by working as a team the children could achieve more than they could on their own.

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We would like to welcome the children back to school after their summer holiday. We hope you all had a lovely break over the summer!


Our Topic this term is Mayan Mania!





This term the children will be studying the Mayans. They will be looking at Mayan Gods and their roles in Mayan life, researching Ancient Mayan calendars and the Mayan alphabet and will be discovering what life was like for people in Mayan times.






In science, the children will be learning about Earth and Space. Check out the website links below to see if you can wow Mr Durrell with your space knowledge! 







The children will be studying Science Fiction in English. We have begun to discuss the features of a science fiction story and the children have been eager to share the stories that they have read.



Useful information


Parental Permissions: If you would like your child to walk home from school independently, please leave a note in your child's Homelink book so that all adults dismissing children at the end of the day are aware.


Homelink books and Reading Journals: Please encourage your child to put these into the basket independently each morning. If there is a message they should be put at the side of the basket open (upside down, so messages remain private)


Book change: Reading books will be changed during group read sessions, so please bring your books in daily.

P.E: Tuesday and Thursday - Please can all P.E kit be clearly labelled with your child's name. 


Spelling Test: Thursday (results will be written into your child's Homelink Book) The new practise sheets will be provided on a Friday for the following week ahead. The new spelling rule/pattern will be taught on a Monday.


Big Maths CLIC and Learn It Tests: Thursday. The children will bring home a practice CLIC and Learn It sheet with their homework on a Friday.


Homework: Homework is set on a Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Thursday of each week.


Swimming: Our class will be swimming on Tuesdays in the Summer Term.

Class Teacher: Mr Durrell
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beetson




Useful Websites


Below is a list of websites that may be useful when practicing times tables and place value.