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OWLS - Year 2

Welcomto the Owls' Class

Welcome to our class page



Miss Liquorish


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wynn


If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please feel free to write a comment in the home link book or pop into school and speak to any of us. Over the year, we will be using this webpage to post useful and important information, such as home learning, useful websites and photos.


Spring Term

The topic this term is ‘Voyages of Discovery’ and all other work will be based around this. Children will study the famous explorers ‘Neil Armstrong’ and ‘Christopher Columbus’. Being a Geography topic, map work will be the focus. The children will learn the World’s continents and oceans and will practise locating them on a world map and globe. They will use the four compass points and coordinates, and the vocabulary associated with these. Children will compare our local area with a non-European country. For music, we will sing, listen to and compose music linked to the topic, such as Holst's The Planets. In Art we will create a sketchbook and record ideas of ‘space’. We will use digital media to create and explore images. In DT the children will be exploring different types of parachutes before designing, making and evaluating their own. ICT will be used across the curriculum but the children will be taught how to research specific information and they will use computers to help them solve problems and manipulate/change photos. To enrich their learning, we will be taking the children to Techniquest in Wrexham.






Here is a useful list of our regular class activities. (Please note that these may change on occasions).

PE: Monday  - All children needs to make sure they have their P.E kit in school for this day. Please make sure that all of their P.E kit is labelled. Any children with earrings must be able to remove these for their P.E session or they may not be able to take part due to health and safety reasons. On days where children do not have P.E, they will be taking part in 'The Daily Mile' and will need appropriate foot ware for this.

Swimming: Wednesday - All children need to make sure they bring in their swimming kit for this day. They will need a navy swimming costume/ trunks and a towel. Again, please make sure that all of their swimming kit is labelled.

Homework: We always give out new homework on a Friday. To give us the opportunity to mark and look at their homework. We ask that all children need to hand in their homework by the following Thursday at the latest.

Spelling Test: Thursday - Children will be given 10 spellings to learn every week. They will follow the LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method to help them learn their spellings.


Homelink books: These must be handed in every morning so that we can receive any important messages or to record if your child has read.


Reading - If your child has read three times or more a week they will receive a stamp on their reading loyalty card. When a child has 6 stamps, they can exchange this for a loyalty prize. The prizes include colouring at play time, being helper of the day, playing on the pirate ship during lunch time, having an early lunch with their friend and many, many more. 


Spellzone - To help encourage spellings, we have set the children up on a program called ‘Spell Zone.’ This is a fantastic program to help children with their spelling. There are lots of different games on spell zone that are set to your child’s ability. Their login and password can be found in the back of their homelink book. Each week, the child who has been on spellzone the most will be rewarded. The link is



Many Thanks

Miss Liquorish and Mrs Wynn


At the bottom of the page I have added some useful websites for the children to play on. Please let me know of any websites that you would like me to add to this page. Enjoy!











KS1 SATS Meeting - Tuesday 29th January 2019