The Meadows

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‘Play Together, Learn Together, Achieve Together’





Welcome to our class page - we hope you enjoy looking through the things that we do in school and that you come back regularly to see what new things have been added!


Check out some of the websites below and have lots of fun while you learn!


A huge welcome to all our new Chicks, Ducklings and parents and carers. We are all delighted to welcome everyone to their new classes and to the school year, and we hope that the first few weeks go as smoothly as possible for us all, even in this strange time of Covid.

We will be helping everyone to settle in well over the first few weeks and have lots of activities planned to help all the children feel as comfortable and content as possible. Some may need a little more help than others to get used to being in school each day – please don’t worry as we will take good care of them and hope that the phased start we have arranged will help them to settle, as they start with shorter days and gradually stay longer.  

We will always be on hand if you have any questions or worries.  Please use Tapestry to contact us for daily messages - we will check for important messages during registration each morning.  You can also email the school through the admin email, or phone the school office.

Children will quickly be given reading books to bring home – it would be wonderful to start as you mean to go on and begin doing daily reading at home. At first this may be looking at the pictures together and talking about what your child can see, trying to re-tell the story, or discussing the characters and the setting. You could also begin to sound out some words together – for example, can you see a c-a-t? Or play I-Spy – I spy something beginning with ‘c’ – what do you think it could be? We will soon start sending reading records home and you can fill these in each time you read with your child and they will begin their Jungle Journey - this is something they always love!


We have a PE slot on Wednesday afternoons. For the first half-term we will concentrate on taking shoes and socks off and using the hall in bare feet.  After half-term, due to Covid changes, we will be asking children to come to school in their PE kits and they will wear these through the day and then come home in them.


We have been able to set Tapestry up already this year and it is running ready for your child's first day. You will need to activate your account by following the link you have been sent.  Please check all mail boxes if you have not seen the link yet and if there is no sign of our email, please contact the office and we will re-send the link for you. We really hope you enjoy being able to see a small part of what your children take part in at school and we look forward to seeing what things you upload from home!


With love,


The Early Years Team J