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KINGFISHERS - Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Kingfishers' Class Page

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The teacher of this class is:

Mr Giles


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Howell (Monday-Friday)

Mrs Trow (Monday, Thursday & Friday)


Important things to remember: (Please note, these may change on occasions).

Please make sure your child hands their 'Home-link Book' and 'Reading Journal' in everyday. Any messages should be recorded in the 'Home-link Book' and all reading should be recorded in the 'Reading Journal'. We encourage children to record their own reading with a brief summary of what they have read. Parents are also welcome to record in this book as well as the children.



Music lessons will be on a Monday afternoon, if children have an instrument this will need to be in school for the lesson. Regular practise at home should be encouraged.



In this Autumn term, the children will be taking swimming lessons. Please ensure your child has a swimming costume, towel and a pair of goggles.


Wednesday and Thursday

PE: please make sure that children have their full P.E. kit in school ready for the lesson.


Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Class Introduction Booklet Kingfishers

Kingfishers Golden Time Rules

Science Rocks!

Science Rocks! 1
Science Rocks! 2
Science Rocks! 3
Science Rocks! 4
Science Rocks! 5

Kingfisher tips for looking after our beautiful world!

1. Stop hunting rare animals because they will start to disappear.

2. Don't put nappies, baby wipes or cotton buds down the toilet.

3. Look after the environment by not putting plastic in the ocean.

4. Only put litter in the bin.

5. Do not throw litter in the ocean because it can kill animals.

6. Don't park near schools.

7. Drive electric cars because they are better for the environment.

8. Stop tearing up the forests!

9. Always use recycling bins for plastic, metal, paper and grass from your garden.

10. Whilst brushing your teeth, don't keep the tap running!