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WRENS - Year 1


Welcomto the Wrens' Class









Welcome to our class page.

Teacher - Mrs Jeukens

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Durrell

Mrs Lewis


Autumn Term 2020

The children will have a daily one hour Read, Write, Inc. session and will be grouped according to    ability. During each session, the children will review all the letters and sounds learnt previously and will then be introduced to a new sound. They will learn the sound alongside a phrase (e.g. oa as in ‘goat in a boat’). They will practise writing the sound and will be given lots of practise to ‘sound talk’ a range of words focussed on the new sound learnt that day (f-l-oa-t). They will practise spelling words with the same sound/ spelling pattern and these will be sent home as part of  homework. Each week the children will work with a partner to read a fiction book; this will take place during the Read, Write, Inc. hour. Every 4 to 6 weeks, the children will be re-grouped depending on their needs, whether it be reading fluency, phonological awareness or writing. Most writing tasks will be linked to the book they have been reading during the session. The children will also have a weekly handwriting lesson.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please feel free to write a comment in the home link book or pop into school and speak to any of us.  Over the year, we will be using this webpage to post lots of useful and important information, such as home learning activities, useful websites and photos.



Here is a useful list of our regular class activities. (Please note that these may change on occasions)






PE: All children need to make sure they have their P.E kit in school fro Tuesday. Their PE kit will be sent home on a Tuesday in preparation for their second lesson, starting at 9 am Thursday morning. Children will need to come dressed in their PE kit. They should bring their uniform to school in their PE bag. Please make sure that all of their P.E kit is labelled. This includes a pair of plain, white socks , pumps or trainers, plain navy shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Navy tracksuit bottoms are optional to wear during colder days when outside for PE.
Tuesday- Invasion games
Thursday - Games (outdoors when possible with the PE coach)

Swimming: This will take place during the Summer term only.

Homework: We always give out new homework on a Friday. To give us the opportunity to mark and look at their homework, we ask that all children need to hand in their homework by the following  Thursday at the latest. Please return in the plastic bag labelled 'Homework'.. 
Spelling Test: Thursday - Children will be given 10 spellings to learn every week. They will follow the LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method to help them learn their spellings. You will be notified about their score via the homelink book


Homelink books: These must be handed in every morning so that we can receive any important messages or to record if your child has read. 

Reading - If your child has read three times or more a week their name will go into a chance box. They will then be in for a chance of winning a prize. Ideally, children in Year 1 need to read daily in order to reach the expected standard and prepare them for Year 2. By the end of Year 2, children are expected to read books fluently; reading words on sight.



Many Thanks

Mrs Jeukens,  Mrs Durrell and Mrs Lewis
At the bottom of the page I have added some useful websites for the children to play on. Please let me know of any websites that you would like me to add to this page. Enjoy!

Phonic Screening Presentation for Parents- 2nd March 2020