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WRENS - Year 1

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Welcomto the Wrens' Class









Welcome to our class page.

Teacher - Mrs Jeukens

Teaching Assistants

Mrs O'Connell

Miss Lewis


Summer Term 2023




The topic this term is ‘The Big Build’ and all other work will be based around this. Children will look at maps of the world and will research famous bridges in all of the continents as well as seasonal and daily weather patterns. They will look at different countries, their capital cities, rivers and oceans. They will compare the structures and materials used for different    bridges, including aqueducts and viaducts and will be involved in making their own bridges.  They will learn of the different types of bridges and will learn how to identify types by looking at specific features. They will  investigate a range of  bridges and learn about the architects behind the designs. We will visit the aquaduct bridge at Ty Mawr, Newbridge to learn about its’ structure and who designed it. In history, we will use a range of sources to find out about Thomas Telford, the famous structures he designed and built and think about why he is a significant figure in history.  In Art the children will look at  paintings that feature bridges, such as Monet and his famous water lily Impressionist paintings, and be involved in exploring the artistic techniques of such artists. They will use a range of resources including websites to find out about bridges and people involved with them such as Thomas Telford.  In Music, the  children will explore pitch and tempo  and will use a range of  percussion instruments to compose, play and perform music to represent bridge building.. At the end of the term, we will be challenging the children to build a strong bridge to withstand a given weight.  They will compete in teams against each other!






If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please feel free to send us a message via the Seesaw app, contact the office to pass on a message or speak to one of us at the end of the day after 'pick-up time'.  Over the year, we will be using this webpage to post lots of useful and important information, such as home learning activities, useful websites and photos.

Here is a useful list of our regular class activities. (Please note that these may change on occasions)






PE: All children need to make sure they come to school wearing their PE kit on Wednesday and Thursday.

Navy tracksuit bottoms are optional to wear during colder days when outside for PE. These should be worn over shorts just in case PE is in the hall. 

Swimming: This will take place during the Spring term only. There will be 10 lessons. You will be informed which dates this will take place and what day/ times, nearer the time.

Homework: Reading and spelling:

Reading: Please listen to your child read as often as you can; daily is recommended. Your child will bring home a bookmark to collect your signature  every day which they read; only one signature per day, even if your child has read twice. Hopefully, they can 'sail around the world' with our reading challenge.

Spelling: Your child will bring home a spelling booklet which holds all the weekly spelling lists for the term. Please help your child to look at the spelling rule, and learn to spell the words in each list. They will have a spelling quiz every Friday. 

There may be homework sent home once the children have settled. I will try and make sure that these tasks are fun and practical where possible.

Spelling Test: Thursday - Children will be given 10 spellings to learn every week. They will follow the LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method to help them learn their spellings. You will be notified about their score via their bookmark.




Many Thanks

Mrs Jeukens, Mrs O'Connell and Miss Lewis
At the bottom of the page I have added some useful websites for the children to play on. Please let me know of any websites that you would like me to add to this page. Enjoy!