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OWLS - Year 2

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The teachers of this class are:

Mrs Cherrington, Mrs Jones and Mrs Griffiths


Teaching Assistant:

Miss Robinson

Autumn Term 2022

The topic this term is ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’. We will look at the events that surrounded the fire in London and  will use a variety of resources (diary extracts, pictures, computer images, information books etc) to learn about the fire. There will be a focus on Samuel Pepys’ diary and how the fire spread. We will learn about the dangers of fire and general fire safety. We hope that the Fire Service will visit to talk to us about the dangers of fire and how to keep safe. In Music, we will learn about the music of the British Isles and create music of our own . In Art, we will explore ideas and will design, make and evaluate a Tudor clay tile. In design and technology we will be designing and making a fruit jelly. We will regularly use computers and will learn to recognise the uses and features of information technology and how to keep safe. Later we will learn about digital photography and tools to change an image


For more information see the curriculum newsletter below.


Spring Term 2023

The topic this term is ‘Voyages of Discovery’. The children will learn the names of six explorers (Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Neil Armstrong, Nellie Bly and Amelia Earhart). They will learn about where the explorers came from, where they went and how they travelled. They will use a range of primary and secondary sources to find out about the main achievements of the explorers and why the journeys that these explorers made are still remembered today. The children will look at world maps to see where these explorers travelled to and they will compare the landscapes and countries explorers visited. In Music, they will listen to space-themed music and they will explore the tempo, timbre, dynamics and structure of musical  pieces. They will create their own soundscapes and begin to notate their own music. In Art the children will create a sketch book to record and explore the theme of space. They will explore ideas and will eventually design, make and evaluate a space-themed fabric tile. Our themes for computing are ‘Robot algorithms’ and ‘Pictograms’ . In design and technology, the children will evaluate ready-made puppets, investigate joining techniques, design, make and finally evaluate our own dragon puppet. In PSHE, they will be develop knowledge around three themes: physical health and mental wellbeing, growing and changing and finally keeping safe. In PE the children will be exploring Games.


For more information see the curriculum newsletter below.

Summer term 2023

The topic this term is ‘The Big Build’ and all other work will be based around this. We will look at maps of the world and will research famous bridges in all of the continents. We will look at different countries, their capital cities, rivers and oceans. In design and technology, we will compare the structures and materials used for different bridges, including aqueducts and viaducts and will be involved in making their own bridges.  We will learn of the different types of bridges and will learn how to identify types by looking at specific features. In history, we will use a range of sources to find out about Thomas Telford, the famous structures he designed and built and think about why he is a significant figure in history. In Art, we will look at paintings that feature bridges, such as Monet and his famous water lily Impressionist paintings, and be involved in exploring the artistic techniques of such artists. In Music, we will be exploring pitch and tempo and then creating superhero theme tunes. In PSHE, we will be exploring: where money comes from and why we need it; the use of the internet and what belonging to a community means.


 For more information see the curriculum newsletter below




To help encourage spellings, we have set the children up on a programme called ‘Spell Zone.’ This is a fantastic resource, which helps children with their spellings. There are lots of different games on spell zone that are set to your child’s ability. Their login and password has been given to them. Please let us know if you have not received it.

The link is


 Please access our class booklet at the top of this page to find out more about Owls' Class.


Many Thanks,

Mrs Cherrington, Mrs Jones and Mrs Griffiths


At the bottom of the page, we have added some useful websites for the children to play on. Please let us know of any websites that you would like us to add to this page.

Home Learning Activities

Approximately 10-15 minutes per night


Reading to an adult. Please date the reading challenge bookmark when you listen to your child read each day.

Practise your weekly spellings.

There will be activities to complete on Mathletics each week, you will receive you login details separately.

Practise your weekly spellings in your booklet of using the Spellzone website.

From time to time, we may send home a  practise sheet to work on the number facts strategy that your child is currently working on. They should be able to recall these facts instantly, out of sequence.


Below are some websites that you may find useful to support your learning.