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OWLS - Year 2

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The teachers of this class are:

Mrs Cherrington and Ms Fowke  


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Wynn

Autumn term 2021

The topic this term is ‘Animal Magic!’ we will use a variety of methods (e.g. maps, Google earth, globes and internet research) to find out about animals and zoos all over the world. We will explore the climate in different places and learn that animals’ physical appearance reflects their habitat. We will learn the seven continents of the world. Later we will learn about Bonfire Night by learning about The Gunpowder Plot. In Music, we will learn songs about animals and will experiment with changing rhymes and songs. In Art, we will create a sketchbook and practise using a range of media to explore animal patterns. To   enhance the children’s learning, we plan to visit Chester Zoo. In art, we will look at famous artists such as Henri Rousseau, Franz Marc and Pablo Picasso. In Design Technology, we will explore moving books and will design, make and evaluate our own animal themed book. The children will regularly use computers and will learn how to stay safe when using the internet.

For more information see the curriculum newsletter below.


Spring term 2022

This term our topic is ‘To Market! To Market!’. We will be looking at how Oswestry high street and the market has changed over time, since the 1950s to the present day. We will visit the high street and market to help us build up a picture of how shoppers shop now in comparison to 70 years ago. We will question a local resident who shopped in the 50s / 60s. We will then create a class timeline to show these changes. In geography, we will explore local weather patterns as well as different climates all over the World and we will match fruit and vegetables to each continent on a World map. In Art, we will explore the work of artists such as Giuseppe Arcimoldo and we will create a portrait of ourselves using skills and techniques practised in our sketchbooks. In Design Technology, we will explore, design, make a healthy vegetable soup and then evaluate our product. In Music, we will listen to a range of music from around the World (and sing songs linked to the topic) and will learn about the layout of an orchestra. We will regularly use computers and will learn how to programme a moving robot and group data.

For more information see the curriculum newsletter below.

 Summer term 2022

Our topic this term is Wellies and Flip Flops! In Geography, we will compare two localities (Llandudno/Oswestry) by looking at similarities and differences between: leisure, physical features, human features, transport and retail. In history, we will learn about who visits the seaside and why, compare seaside holidays from the past to present day and will create a timeline showing changes.  We will use a range of sources to research the past including photos, internet searches and speaking to elderly relatives. In DT, we will learn about moving toy cars. We will disassemble and assemble toy cars to learn about wheels and axels and  then design, make and evaluate a beach buggy. In PSHE, we will be exploring: where money comes from and why we need it; the use of the internet and what belonging to a community means. In art, we will be looking at the work of famous artists, exploring painting techniques, colour and texture and using these skills to create a beach collage.

 For more information see the curriculum newsletter below.



Spellzone - to help encourage spellings, we have set the children up on a programme called ‘Spell Zone.’ This is a fantastic resource, which helps children with their spellings. There are lots of different games on spell zone that are set to your child’s ability. Their login and password has been given to them. Please let us know if you have not received it.

The link is



 Please access our class booklet at the top of this page to find out more about Owls' Class.


Many Thanks,

Mrs Cherrington and Ms Fowke


At the bottom of the page, we have added some useful websites for the children to play on. Please let us know of any websites that you would like us to add to this page.




Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Home Learning Activities

Approximately 10-15 minutes per night


Reading to an adult. Please date the reading challenge bookmark when you listen to your child read each day.

Practise the number facts strategy that your child is currently working on they should be able to recall these facts instantly, out of sequence.

Practise your weekly spellings.

You can also use to help support number facts and to access additional activities.